Y Series Mulcher

WHATCOM MANUFACTURING’S New Y series mulch spreader wagons are specifically engineered for row mulching coverage with wood chips, bark or stringy compost mixtures. The Y shaped box gives increased capacity along with non-clog feed out of the coarser types of mulch product available, with single or dual beaters to break apart mulch before it is spread onto row. As an option, a hydraulic drive bi-directional discharge belt for left and right side discharge enables the operator to spread onto left over rows and save on trips.


•   Tandem axle spring suspension smoothly carries heavy loads over uneven terrain.
•   PTO driven hydraulic system with variable speed controls adjust band strip width and depth.
•   Extra heavy duty floor chains and drives for trouble free service.
•   All welded steel construction for years of reliable use, very low maintenance.
•   Automotive grade paint, looks great and is a durable, long lasting finish.

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