Vineyard Mulcher

Whatcom Vineyard Mulcher Spreaders are available with different spreading mechanisms for dual purpose use.

The optional twin belt discharge will cover spread two rows at once. Mulch bed width can be tailored to row by adjusting belt speed and diversion flaps. Organic mulch or grape pumice are easily deposited to the desired depth for maximum coverage and efficiency. The twin belt discharge attachment is easily removed and a dual spinner discharge assembly can be installed in minutes. With this unit, material will be broadcast spread across entire row. Spinner Hoods can also be added to now divert product for side dressing of two rows at once. Dual Hydraulic Motor drives with variable spread controls can be adjusted for width of spread and amount of product applied. Whatcom now has 4 types of spreading mechanisms available to fit any growers applications. These combined with our 7 different models enable us to custom build a machine for you.

Narrow Vineyard Series

• Three model sizes to choose from with 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5 yard capacities.
• Tires can be tucked under machine for the narrowest rows.
• Adjustable walking beam, and Follower Hitch.
• Quick Change discharge option of Belt discharge for row application, and Spinner discharge for broadcast spreading.

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