Sand Bedders

Whatcom Sand Bedders are a specially designed heavy duty bedder built to handle the extra wear and stress sand can do to a machine.

Different sizes and have different options to accommodate every dairy’s needs. Works very well with sawdust, shavings, manure, solids, sand, ect…

Sand models come standard with:

•  M88c HD floor chain
•  3/16” floor with a poly plastic floor liner to eliminate floor wear
•  Heavy duty Aircraft tires
•  Heavy wall tube and frame – makes for a very robust machine.
• Sand bedders have a ½” thick poly floor liner

A high speed cleated belt pours sand clear to the front of the stalls and reduces airborne dust for better operator conditions. Saves time and cuts down on wasted sand material. No need to rake or shovel bedding to the front of the stable.

Works equally well with sawdust, shredded wallboard, compost manure, wood chips, sand and chopped straw.

The H option is an independent hydraulic system, the tractors PTO runs a pump that feeds fluid from the wagons hydraulic tank, through a flow control for the floor motor to regulate the amount of sand to be spread.

The standard front unload P model machine uses the tractor PTO for the discharge belt drive, and the tractors hydraulics to run the floor chain.

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MODEL 500 650 850 1200
CAPACITY (cu. yd.) 5 6.5 6 12
LENGTH OF BOX 96" 120" 144" 168"
OVERALL LENGTH 160" 184" 208" 232"
OVERALL WIDTH AT TIRES 78.5" 79" 85" 91"
OVERALL HEIGHT 82" 85" 85" 94"
TIRE SIZE 12.5L-16
12 PLY
12 PLY
12 PLY
12 PLY
AXLE TYPE Single Single Single Single
FLOOR CHAIN M88c M88c M88c M88c
You can order your new Sand Bedder E Series options with Tandem axles, as a Hydraluic or Pto model, Rear Discharge with reversing belt, or as a truck mount.

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