Product Lines

Options for Operation

Tailored to fit your needs! Custom equipment with load of options.
Mulch Spreaders, Orchard Mulchers, Y Series Mulchers, Stall Bedders, and Sand Bedders can come with E Series Options.
Most all of our products can feature H Series options.
  • E Series Options
  • H Series Options
  • Uses tractors PTO to run the discharge belt, and tractors hydraulics to run the floor chain/hydraulics on the machine, via a variable speed flow control so the speed of the floor can be fine tuned for the correct application.
  • Full hydraulic uses tractors PTO to run hydraulic pump, has its own onboard hydraulic tank, the pump feeds a variable speed flow controls for the discharge belt, and one for the floor chain.
    *OPTION – PTO pump can be either mounted to machine tongue, or go onto tractor.

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