E Series options

E Series

Uses tractors PTO to run the discharge belt, and tractors hydraulics to run the floor chain/hydraulics on the machine, via a variable speed flow control so the speed of the floor can be fine tuned for the correct application.

Adjustable bulkhead door with hydraulic cylinder bolted in
Swivel Hitch
Follow Hitch (Includes tow bar)
Tandem axles in lieu of single axle
Torflex in lieu of solid axles Per pair 5200#
Torflex in lieu of solid axles Per pair 7000#
Tandem Spring suspension 5000#
Narrow width axle with (2) 2600 x 12-10ply low profile tires (per axle)
Flow control for floor motor
Beater bar chain drive (Includes removable bulkhead section
Ladder at rear
Upgrade to 667KC floor chain on 350, 450, & 550
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